Dessert Catering:
Long Beach

With Laurie's Pie Bar dessert catering service in Long Beach, your event's dessert table will be filled with desserts that complements your event's theme and having the guests want seconds. From our timeless pies to our handheld Cutie Pies, each dessert is lovingly handcrafted freshly for your event.

Why Choose Laurie’s Pie Bar for Your Dessert Catering?

  1. Artisanal Creations: Our pies are handmade with the finest ingredients, ensuring exceptional taste and quality in every bite.

  2. Customized Menus: We work closely with you to design a personalized menu that perfectly complements your event’s theme, preferences, and budget.

  3. Diverse Selection: Whether you crave traditional flavors or innovative combinations, our menu offers a wide variety of options to suit every palate.

  4. Gluten-Free and Vegan Options: We are proud to offer gluten-free and vegan alternatives, allowing all guests to indulge in our delicious desserts.

Discover Our Dessert Catering Menu

Our Cutie Pies are also a delightful choice, boasting an array of flavors and a visually stunning presentation guaranteed to impress your guests. Choose from our signature flavors: Keylime, Cookies n Cream (available in vegan & gluten-free options), Chocolate Peanut Butter, White Chocolate Raspberry, S’mores, Mexican Chocolate, Banana Cream, and Lemon Lavender.

But why settle for just one flavor when you can create your own culinary masterpiece? With our Frankenpie option, you can mix and match slices to tailor your guest preferences.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of catering to various dietary needs and preferences. That’s why we proudly offer gluten-free and vegan dessert options, ensuring that everyone can savor the sweetness of our treats. At Laurie’s Pie Bar, we’re dedicated to making your event in Long Beach truly unforgettable.

Tell Us About Your Event

Looking to add a dash of sweetness to your upcoming event in Long Beach? Feel free to get in touch with us today to chat about your dessert catering requirements. Our dedicated team is here to collaborate with you, turning your ideas into reality and guaranteeing that your event is a delicious success.

At Laurie’s Pie Bar, we’re driven by our passion for tantalizing taste buds and crafting unforgettable moments with our desserts. Contact us today to discuss your catering needs and help us make your occasion memorable.

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Dessert Catering Service Areas

Listed below are the cities where our dessert catering services extend. If you don’t find your city listed, don’t fret! Simply reach out to us, and we’ll collaborate with you to fulfill your dessert catering needs.