Something your coworkers will remember about!

Donuts are so overdone, and they’ll always leave your coworkers wanting more. Gourmet snacks, while good on paper, might seem like you’re trying too hard. What better way to impress the boss and make your coworkers happy than with a pie? It’s the perfect compromise between professional and filling. With many mouthwatering flavors to choose from, Laurie's Pie Bar will make a wonderful impression on your office and might even snag you employee of the month!

Perfect for every occasion!

Having an office party? Is your co-working retiring? Are you treating a new coworker to lunch? Looking to impress the boss? Laurie’s Pie Bar’s got you covered.

Laurie’s Pie Bar will cater your next office event, whatever it might be. We can offer your employees special pies in a jar – they’re always a huge hit and they’re perfect for every kind of person. Not only are they easy to take on the go, but you can customize our Cutie Pie jars to fit every palate.

Not sure what your coworkers will like? Don’t worry. We have many specialty pie flavors that’ll satisfy any sweet tooth. For those in your office who might like savory pies, we have pot pie options that are a lunch favorite. Place your order today and you’ll be everyone’s favorite coworker.

Our pies are perfect for potential clients!

Looking to make a good impression on a potential client? Get them one of our specialty pies! Not only will they be thinking about your incredible sales pitch, but offering them pie will create a positive, happy association with your company, ensuring a greater chance of client satisfaction and eventual client retention.

Pie is a great way to start, or even maintain, a professional working relationship that also emphasizes your company’s commitment to being kind, friendly, and most of all, focused on client contentment.

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