Dessert Catering:

At Laurie’s Pie Bar, we're thrilled to offer our exceptional dessert catering services to Lakewood. Whether you're planning a wedding, birthday celebration, corporate event, or any other special occasion, our handcrafted pies and sweet Cutie Pies are guaranteed to impress your guests by the way they taste and look.

Why Choose Us for Your Dessert Catering Needs?

  1. Artisanal Creations: Our pies are crafted with care, using only the finest ingredients to ensure exceptional taste in every bite.

  2. Tailored Menus: Every event is unique, and our experienced catering team will collaborate closely with you to design a customized menu that fits your preferences, dietary needs, and budget.

  3. Diverse Selection: From classic fruit pies to indulgent chocolate creations, our menu offers a wide range of options to satisfy every palate. We also provide vegan and gluten-free alternatives to cater to dietary preferences.

  4. Professional Handling: From planning to delivery, our dedicated team ensures seamless execution of your dessert catering, allowing you to relax and enjoy your event to the fullest.

View Our Sample Menu

Explore our delectable offerings, meticulously curated to enhance your event in Lakewood. From irresistibly sweet pies to our beloved handheld Cutie Pies, our extensive array caters to every taste preference. Our pies are made with love and attention to detail, using only the finest ingredients. Plus, we offer gluten-free and vegan options to ensure that all guests can enjoy our delicious desserts.

Can’t decide on just one flavor? No problem! Try our Frankenpie option, where you can mix and match different slices of pies to create your own unique masterpiece. Our Cutie Pies are also a fantastic choice, offering a variety of flavors and a stunning presentation that will impress your guests.

Contact Us to Get Started

At Laurie’s Pie Bar, we’re here to help you make the perfect dessert table for your event in Lakewood. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate gathering, or any special occasion, our artisan pies and delightful Cutie Pies are sure to impress your guests. Our selection of Cutie Pies includes a variety of mouthwatering flavors such as Keylime, Cookies n Cream (vegan & gluten-free), Chocolate Peanut Butter, White Chocolate Raspberry, S’mores, Mexican Chocolate, Banana Cream, and Lemon Lavender.

Ready to sweeten your event with our dessert catering services? Fill out the form below, and our team will be in touch shortly to discuss how we can make your event a sweet success!

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Dessert Catering Service Areas

We have listed our dessert catering service area and the cities we have worked in. If your city isn’t listed, feel free to contact us. We’re committed to meeting your dessert catering needs.