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The Industry at a Glance

The multiple revenue streams created by the Laure’s Pie Bar’s menu of deliciously fresh pie-related products affords franchise owners the opportunity to meet market demand in deliciously creative ways.

Pi Day Sweetens Up Q1 Sales

March 14th has become known as Pi Day(3.14) when people around the world feast on pie, thanks to mathematicians who were looking for something to celebrate! At Laurie’s Pie Bar in Long Beach, we have seen lines of guests clear down the block for ten hours at a time on a day that has now become a tradition. It’s our second busiest day of the year after Thanksgiving!
Owning a dessert franchise with Laurie’s Pie Bar is a way to bake a little love and dedication into a future you’ll be proud of.

As a franchise owner with Laurie’s Pie Bar, you will have an opportunity to operate a business doing something you enjoy. And you can build a business with multiple potential revenue streams, from the pies you bake and branded retail items you can sell in your shop, to the creative confections you’ll take to catered events.

Need Even More Reasons to Join Us?

With Laurie’s Pie Bar, You Can…

  • Learn from the best! Your founder and leadership team have been turning heads with pie for years. They’ll show you how to share the tastiest, made-from-scratch recipes with your community, and keep them coming back for more.
  • Leverage an established business model (with exclusive access to pre-made pie crust and pie filling recipes!) that makes it easy for you to scale and grow your business, one delicious bite of pie at a time
  • Utilize efficient technology tools to run your business efficiently and effectively
  • Create nearly unlimited possibilities for yourself and your team in an industry that continues to grow.

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