The Perfect Dog Treat To Celebrate Your Dog

Spoil your favorite furry friend on their birthday with our Pet Pie Bites. Every dog deserves a treat, and our Pet Pie Bites are a perfect way to celebrate your pooch’s big day. Our unique treats are made with all-natural ingredients, ensuring that your pet gets the best nutrition while having the best celebration. Our Pet Pie Bites are made with all natural pumpkin baked in our signature pie crusts. We never use additives or preservatives because we are committed to the health of your and your pets! We don’t add salt, sugar, spice, or any unnatural ingredient that could hurt your pet’s digestive system. Pet Pie Bites come in packs of five, the perfect serving size to ensure your dog enjoys every bite. Our Pet Pie Bites are perfect for dogs of any size, breed, color, you name it!

Puppy Play Dates

Having a puppy playdate with other dogs? Give their owners something to eat too! Our Cutie Pie jars are perfect for any humans wanting to celebrate your pup’s birthday. While the dogs nibble on our Pet Pie Bites, the humans can chomp on our delicious human friendly treats that will satisfy all picky eaters.

Don’t forget about the humans!

While your dog is celebrating, treat yourself too! We have many specialty pies to choose from, and we have filling Pot Pies to give you the energy to play with your pooch all day long. 

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